Which electric geyser is good

Which Electric Geyser is good for Bathroom Will Be Perfect Gas Geyser | Which of these geysers will be safer? When buying a Geyser, often such questions come to mind. However, while selling geysers, salesmen also give some information, but sometimes some of his points confuse us as well.

Which electric geyser is good :

 In such a case, if you are not able to understand which geyer will be better for you? What size on the market will the geyser meet your needs? Apart from where to put it? How big is the bathroom? what is your budget ? Will the instant geyer be better or the storage geyser? Also keep in mind the water pressure of the building, choose the geyser. There are three types of geysers in the market such as Electric, Gas and Solar. But most of these electric water heater is used.    

Which electric geyser is good

Know How Works Electric Geyser :

There are three main components in the electric geyser. Heating element, water tank and thermostat. The heating element is the most important component of the electric geyser. Therefore, when choosing a geyser geyser, take care that the heating element is good, as well as very good and sweet water. In today's water heater, a layer of glass is placed on the heating element which prevents damage caused by swollen water in the water. After this, the Geyser tank is switched off. Geyser tank is used to store hot water. In such a situation, the tank is of the best quality and strong. There are two types of tanks in the Geyser. The first is made of stainless steel. Most of the company now avoids putting in such a tank, because with these tanks, it was natural to deal with metal dissolving or rusting process. Now the animal glass coated water tank is used. In such a geyser bank, the advance polymerase layer is mounted on the stainless steel water in the water tank, due to which the coronation registers. On this type of water tank you get a warranty of 5 to 7 years. After this, the Geyser's third essential component is Geyser Thermostat. This can be called the operating system of the geyser. This ensures that when the water starts heating up and when to stop it. With the help of a strip made of thermostat metal, the water prevents the overhaul. For this reason the thermostat also helps in the saving of electricity, but can not be completely dependent on it. Do not understand that your geyser has a thermostat, so there is no need to switch off the Geyser. Generally, the hot water range ranges from 30 to 60 degrees Celsius. For example, when you turn on the geyser and at that time the temperature of the water is 25 degrees Celsius, the thermostat orders the heating element to heat the water. When the temperature of the water reaches 60 ° C, the thermostat heating elements stop the heating of the water. If you forgot to close the geyser, then it will stop heating the water automatically if it is above 60 degree Celsius.

Size talk :

Before you select the geyser, you have to decide that once you need about how much liters of hot water you need. But there are two types of geysers, namely Instant and Storage. Instant heats the water in a few seconds, but it does not store hot water. The same gigger with the same storage gives hot water a few minutes and stores it. When you think of them as per your need, if you want two to three people, who take a bath in the bucket, then the work will be done with an instant geyser of 6 liters and a 10 to 15 liter storage geyser. If you are looking for a kitchen geyser, then the instant geyser of 1 to 3 liters will be fine, because the small things of the kitchen require frequent hot water.

Solar Geyser Option :

This is the best option in today's era. Provided you have the space to install a solar panel. In the solar geyser you also get rid of the cost of electricity. But installing a solar panel can be a bit expensive from the electric. However, for a long time after installation, you are not worried about any other expenses and maintenance.

Survivors of LPG Geyser :

People use a lot because of the cost of about half the price of the electric geyser. Along with the use of LPG is cheaper than electricity. Due to being cheaper in both cases, the popularity of LPG gigs has increased in recent times. But with the gas coming out of it, the health of people is also affected due to the death. Experts say that there is no color and smell of poisonous gas coming out of LPG. But coming into contact with this, the person can become unconscious in a very short time. Small bathrooms in urban areas do not have proper ventilation, so they are not used.
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