Success quotes

If we do anything less and fail in it, then we all leave it to the lesser. But when you have to live such a lot of truth, wake up your awakening. A new success quotes.

Success quotes-

success quotes

When a boy wrote very beautiful and read. He was looking for a job. Then he saw an advertisement and went for an interview. Many more students reached there, one more degree holder, his number came, but was sitting in front. A big officer but without giving a boy a reply was given. And who was sitting in the panel was very happy. The face that was looking for has come. But he was asked - that you are perfect for this job but if you answer this question, then after that you will be put on a job. Why you were put on this job Because you are more like you, but why you? Then the boy started thinking? What is this question? But he said - that no matter you can take a little time, then he went out. And he started thinking that what was in the absence of interviews in the rest of the house was seen in front of him. That there is no one better than you and he went inside. He responded and got his job, so do not always think of yourself any good because if there is a craving to do some work. So nobody can stop me. Because when hard work is done with complete sincerity, success is attained.

#Should never lie

There are two friends. One was named Ajay and the other was named Rohan. Those who have very close friendship with each other, but Ajay belonged to a rich family and Rohan was poor. But Rohan wanted to hide his poverty. And lies that he is also very much money, but Ajay knows everything, yet he does not say anything. Once she visits a tour to travel abroad from college to college, Rohan also goes with everyone, but Rohan's cost is Ajay. There are more students going there, he even lies to them that he is also a money. He thinks that people will not make fun of me knowing about my poorness. He tells Ajay's father's name at the place of his father's name. Once the test results come, then Ajay's father is called to give the degree, then he becomes absolutely fond of and thinks that today I will be caught. But Ajay had already told his father about Rohan. Ajay's father said that Rohan also came to the stage. And he said that he has illuminated my very name, because Rohan was very smart at reading and he had topped the college. Ajay had already told his father about Rohan, so he survived, otherwise lying is not always right, so lie where you need, do not hide your truth at all, otherwise you can get very big trouble. Are.

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